Commercial & Retail Property

Commercial and retail property require a significant level of skill and expertise when it comes to the management of commercial and retail Owners Corporations.

Commercial strata management and retail strata management, are areas that both require a skilled and accomplished hand to navigate specific complexities. Challenges with commercial body corporate and retail body corporate include things like building defects, disputes around budgets and use of common assets of the Owners Corporation and Essential Safety Measures.

SELECT is Melbourne’s leading commercial strata management and retail strata management group.

Our experienced strata managers provide the guidance and support you need to ensure your commercial or retail Owners Corporation meets every challenge that comes your way, and that the results you expect, are delivered the right way.

We work collaboratively with you and other relevant stakeholders to ensure clear plans are implemented to effectively address every-day matters and complex challenges. Each time. Every time.

At SELECT, we don’t leave things to chance.

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Join the thousands of other commercial & retail property owners who rely on the team at SELECT.

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  • You can always rely on the team at SELECT. Each time. Every time.

Our Services

At SELECT, we understand that access to the right strategic and planning advice and management services, critically impact the overall health, safety and amenity of every commercial and retail visitors and business activities.

Sound advice, support and actions, protect your building and the people who work and visit your site, providing peace-of-mind for owners, occupiers and Owners Corporation committees alike.

The team at SELECT are here to ensure that your short, medium and long-term owners corporation goals are fully realised through a range of comprehensive, compliant and effective management solutions.

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