Owners Corporations

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Owners Corporations

The team at SELECT are here to lighten your load.

If you are an Owners Corporation, overwhelmed or challenged by legislative, administrative, financial and reporting obligations or simply unhappy with your current Owners Corporation Manager, perhaps it’s time to make the switch to SELECT.

Our caring approach and industry experience mean that you can always trust our professional and honest advice and streamlined processes to bring you peace-of-mind. You can rely on SELECT in simple every day matters and complex challenges. Whatever it is, SELECT is dedicated to your needs. It’s what we do best.

SELECT are here to help. Our caring, well-trained and knowledgable staff are here to guide and support your Owners Corporation through the multitude of tasks involved in strata management to make sure it is done well and in the right way.
  • Establish Owners Corporation Meeting cycles.
  • Budget and levy structuring and preparation.
  • Establish a future capital works and improvements maintenance fund.
  • Arrange, monitor and manage Insurance covers.
  • Ensure Owners Corporation fees and levies are collected and paid on time.
  • Initiate timely and effective debt and legal recovery action where required.
  • Manage all common services.
  • Notify Members and conduct all Annual, Special and General Meetings, taking care of document preparation, Agendas & Minutes.
  • Liaise with and take care of all communication with your Committee and Members.
  • Ensure Occupational Health and Safety and Essential Safety Measures compliance.
  • Ensure Building and Fire Code Regulation compliance.
  • Produce Owners Corporation Certificates.
  • Manage Keys, Fobs and Remote Controls and their replacement when required.
  • Provide After-Hours emergency maintenance service for occupants of the Owners Corporation.

Owners Corporation Meeting Support

Owners Corporation meetings are a delicate balance of ensuring the specific aims of the meeting are achieved and that stakeholders feel as though their individual needs have been met. Meetings involve different personalities and competing priorities. It’s not always easy.

SELECT are here to help. Our Owners Corporation management offers our clients a range of advice, facilities and support measures to promote effective and productive meetings.

  • Our strong document management skills mean that you are always fully prepared in advance for every meeting.
  • We are committed to respectful meeting behaviours to ensure the interests and wellbeing of all those present.
  • Our centrally located office in Kew can accommodate up to 150 people where a meeting venue may be required.
  • Teleconference and Zoom facilities make joining meetings possible, from anywhere in the world!
  • Our meeting protocols provide committee members with guidance and support that promote transparent and productive discussions.

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