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Property Developers

From start to settlement, you can rely on the team at SELECT.

If you are a property developer, architect, estate agent, builder, lawyer, investor or anyone involved in a new property project where common property is being created – we’re ready to help you (and the sooner you involve us, the better).

Whether you are about to start a new project or are knee-deep in a project already, SELECT will establish and embed a seamless Owners Corporation into your development.

We reduce the potential for inefficiencies and costly errors. Our superior industry knowledge means you can always rely on the strategic advice we provide to support your Owners Corporation, especially in the planning stages where the potential for error is high. We stand side-by-side with you in the preparation and development of your Owners Corporation budget to ensure that fees and levies to meet necessary cost obligations are balanced with the ability of a potential purchaser, to purchase.

We take care of all the legal, administrative and financial complexities, so that when your project is ready to go, your Owners Corporation is too.

From start to settlement, you can rely on the team at SELECT

Prior to Practical Completion
  • Provide strategic Owners Corporation advice from day one.
  • Plan of subdivision review in relation to communal services.
  • Detailed budget planning and lot levy schedules.
  • Establish Owners Corporation and all required insurances.
  • Convene and facilitate your first General Meeting.
  • Arrange bank accounts, seal, ABN, TFN and GST registration.
  • Establish reporting timelines and communication preferences.
  • Develop Owners Corporation meeting cycles.
  • Prepare and issue Owners Corporation Certificates and take enquiries from prospective purchasers.
  • Link you to ‘smart-building’ specialists for guidance and advice.
  • Tender and engage ESM, general and specialist contractors.
Ongoing Management
  • Best-practice, streamlined, and comprehensive, end-to-end Owners Corporation management services you can expect, and rely on, from Melbourne’s premier service provider.
After Practical Completion
  • Provide individually tailored educational material for purchasers, occupiers and committee members.
  • Facilitate and manage stakeholder engagement.
  • Support purchasers with possession practicalities.
  • Facilitate the Owners Corporation committee election.
  • Liaise with the builder during the Builders Liability Period.
Build To Rent
  • An alternative development model where a developer builds and retains the property for rent, as opposed to the more traditional build-to-sell model.

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