In 2024, COVID-19 remains challenging.

In 2024, COVID-19 continues to present a significant challenge for us all.

Whilst vaccinations have reduced the likelihood of serious illness, high rates of infection persist in the community and individuals are still dying from the virus. The long-term impacts of infection, especially repeated infections, remains unknown.

Being COVID-safe and adopting a range of safety measures is important to ensure our own protection and the protection for those in our immediate home or business community.

The Australian Government’s Department of Health provides a number of important resources that you can use in your building that support and promote Australians to make informed decisions about COVID-19. The department also provides a number of public health recommendations and initiatives.

These resources provide information and tips to help everyone be more prepared.

Resources are continually being updated and include a range of videos, fact sheets and posters you can download and print to distribute or display in your building.

Resources are also in translated versions if they are required.

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