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Shane Bowden, Owner and Director of SELECT PRAD Management has more than 20-years of industry strata experience. Shane is a highly skilled Owners Corporation, Strata Management and Body Corporate Services specialist.

The SELECT PRAD Management team provide worry-free management services. Working with committees and property owners across all residential, commercial industrial and mixed-use property, SELECT PRAD Management, ensure the common property that brings people together is always maintained and protected.

Our Key People

Shane Bowden

SELECT PRAD Management, Owner & Director | Senior Owners Corporation Manager

Shane Bowden is an industry professional with more than 20-years’ experience in the Owners Corporation, Strata and Body Corporate management industry.

Shane has considerable commercial experience working with property developers in the planning, and execution of new Owners Corporations and in the ongoing management of existing Owners Corporations that require a pro-active and solution-focussed approach to everyday simple and more complex issues.

Shane's high level of expertise and applied understanding in the legislative and compliance requirements of strata management, mean that you and your Owners Corporation are always in safe hands.

Our Team

People Property Purpose

SELECT place people and their property at the centre of our purpose.

Whether you’re an existing Owners Corporation looking for care, support and results or a developer planning a subdivision that will require establishing an Owners Corporation from scratch, SELECT is here to help.


Shane has been the OC manager at one of our rental properties in Kew, for about 12 years, and over that time I have come to realise that if you MUST have an OC manager, he is the manager to have. I base that statement on the following observations. Shane is a quiet achiever. Whatever needs to be done he gets done efficiently and professionally. He has a broad base of qualified and reputable trades people upon whom he calls when required. At no point in 12 years have we had to follow up a query; he always responds in a timely manner. Over the years, he has brought a sense of informed organisation to all aspects of running the property. Further he has managed to do so with extreme patience when under duress from difficult and demanding owners. From my personal experience over many years, I can highly recommend Shane to any group of owners requiring an OC manager.

Ms R Liddell


I have personally been a client of SELECT PRAD Management since 2014, 7-years before I joined the business as the Group General Manager (how the universe works.). Now I have a true optic on what goes on behind the scenes. The respect I had for Shane and his high and consistent levels of service and advice previously, has grown exponentially. He truly cares, works hard for you as the owner and keeps you in the communication loop. Even though we work side by side now, I am still the recipient of the same consistent level of service I have always enjoyed for the past 7-years. No special treatment, just good old-fashioned service!

Mr F Nangreave




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